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Prospective Future Clients,

As an IT Business Consultant, from 2020 – present, I have helped a number of clients optimize their Program Management Offices (PMOs) by identifying and prioritizing programs that generate the greatest benefit to their organizations. Working collaboratively with others, I have helped organizations 1) develop metrics through the use of management scorecards, 2) optimize resources that strengthen governance across cross-functional teams, and 3) integrate strategy, process, technology, and information to increase effectiveness, reduce costs, and improve profit and shareholder value.

From 2013 -2020, I functioned as the Program Management Office (PMO) Director & Senior Manager for select Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) programs that were part of the Leidos Government Health & Safety Solutions (GH&SS) Operating unit (formerly this unit was part of the Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions business area). 

In that capacity, I had responsibility for the successful implementation of CMS projects (Time & Material, base, internal and customer centric projects), business analyst services, documentation services, technical writing, and planning and scheduling. I had responsibility for managing a portfolio of CMS projects and program personnel (people, product, service delivery, and processes). That responsibility included extensive customer interaction with CMS directors and staff, functional and human resource management, management of our on contract growth budgets, earned value management, subordinate employee recruitment and selection, training, performance assessments, work assignments, and more.

From 2007 – 2013, I served as the Senior Engineering Manager for several Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS)  programs: Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF, Global Broadcast Services, Hubble Telescope, Environmental Satellite Processing Distribution Systems (a NOAA program),  Protected MILSATCOM Ground Systems, and Global Communications Model (an IRAD). I was responsible for human resource management, technical management, subcontractor monitoring/relations, employee recruitment and selection, talent planning, career development, training, employee engagement, retention, and knowledge continuity. 

The majority of my career has involved my providing Information Technology services expertise via one form or another. Prior to becoming a Senior Manager, I functioned as the GPS IIF Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Engineering and Integration Department Manager. I led and directed the development and sustainment of the GPS IIF software development, test, and integration labs. My primary responsibilities included systems planning, systems upgrades/re-builds, security engineering, COTS engineering and integration, lab management, hardware/network engineering, scheduling, legacy systems support and materials management. At one point, my team had responsibility for 5 labs (a legacy mainframe lab and four GPS IIF new architecture labs consisting of Sun/Cisco hardware/software and various COTS products). My annual cost account responsibility for labor and materials was $11 million; it was $60 million for the largest program's contract performance period. 

I also managed the Data Services and Test team. My primary responsibilities included large scale database engineering, integration and test for multiple baselines, and selling off element and system level requirements. The integration and test activities were part of a larger, virtual test team and they required coordination with multiple sites. In that capacity, I also had responsibility for a 24/7 operational lab. 

Prior to Lockheed Martin, I worked as a Systems Engineer with IBM. In that capacity, I supported several customers (the Army/Air Force Exchange, McDonnell Douglas, City of Dallas, Computer Associates, and Computer Language Research) in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. One of my primary responsibilities was the Information Technology infrastructure/lab environment.  I worked with system programmers, computer operators, security personnel, and data center managers to ensure the successful installation and sustainment of their IT infrastructure environments.

I feel very comfortable leading and managing a variety of technical and non-technical activities (project, program and portfolio management, service delivery, earned value management, risk management, employee and subcontractor personnel management, etc.). I am a team player that takes ownership of the commitments we make to our customers and stakeholders. Over the years, I have established myself as a reliable and hard working person that others can count on to deliver results.

In the ever evolving technology market, companies need reliable allies who can guide them through the challenges that accompany technological growth. I would very much like to have an opportunity to contribute to your company’s continued success as a PMO and IT Business Consultant.

For 35 plus years, I have utilized the industry skills mentioned above to contribute to customer successes and sustained growth at IBM, Loral, Lockheed Martin and Leidos. I look forward to contributing to your company's success.
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                                                                                                                                            Dexter R. Merritt Sr.
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